John "Rabbit" Bundrick - Dark Saloon (1974)

After Free disbanded for the second time in 1973, John Bundrick aka "Rabbit", recorded a second solo LP, still less known and more forgotten than his previous one (Broken Arrows the previous year). Strange since it's really a good one, the kind of solo albums some were making a lot of money and reached celebrity with, but in this case, it's true there's, like with Todd Rundgren, something lacking in it to be widely popular. Good since what's lacking is what's making most popular albums quite shitty actually. And this one is not. If you love Al Kooper, you'll like this one, recorded with the bassist and the drummer of what will be Back Street Crawler. Actually, John Bundrick would have liked to record with Free members, Kossoff included, but they were not ready for that. So, here another recorded from the Free galaxy. And a unjustified forgotten one. Enjoy it here.


Vonnoosh said...

I've always known Rabbit from his work with the Who. He was still touring with them when I saw them in 2006. I wish you could re-up this. I wonder if his solo work is as under appreciated as the British session piano player Nicky Hopkins. 'The Tin Man Was A Dreamer' is a classic.

Anonymous said...

Could you re-up this one? Thank you.