Lauderdale - Life's a Beach (2008)

You won't listen something stronger that this band this year. From Canada, they mix doom and Today is the Day/Crow with a strenght quite rare. It's noise, it's sludgy, it's heavy and violent as our most intimate self-destructive instincts. Although 2 years old, I think this LP has been reissued recently. I would like to say that I listen to a load of LPs, EPs, demos (at least some minutes of them since I quickly know if they belong to my cuppa tea cupboard), and I post here the rares I think worth the listen and the support. Here's one of the best I ever heard. Quite a shock actually. Don't miss them. Yes, take the 70's old gems but stay connected to the best of today's music. And this is one of them. Without hesitation, discussion, opposition. Enjoy it here. And buy then.

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