Ponds - Us & We EP (2011)

Sorry if you're heard (actually read) this one before but here's another great sludgy noise band. The perfect mixture between the Black Sabbath heritage and early Today is the Day's energy and complex constructions. The more years are driving me towards the fatal issue, the more I look back at my lifepath, the more I finally consider music, more than anyone on earth, will have been my greatest help for making this living not too heavy, and sometimes to bring me some consolation. This is the case tonight, when most people in my small universe are sources of problems, are making their so-called love and affection so selfish, or even show their putrid inside (this for those that I must talk to in my job space). Ponds are saving my evening with this EP (1st part of a 2 part-one) that is surely one of the strongest thing I heard these last weeks, specially "A New Hamshire Mirage", an incredibly strong number. They're from Massachusetts and I hope they'll do great other things. Enjoy here and then support them there in buying their stuff, it's an help you must contribute if you're not selfish bastards you too (and if you're not starving since even cheap can be expensive when you got nothing).

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