Rabbits - Lower Forms (2011)

Gosh, this band from Portland succeeds in being sludge, punk and noise, without sacrificing the quality of one of the 3 genres. Yes there is some Buzzov.en and Bastards in it, but also an incredible energy that revives the punk one, and also something of the modern experimental approach of noise (Lightning Bolt if you want). But it remains down to earth, dirty as diarrhea, thick as mud, stinky as vomit. It's one of these albums that you feel maybe nobody is able to do again, cos' it's crazy, not full of references, not based on a specific project, resulting from endless discussions about this sound or this riff. Spontaneity in its most glorious form. Don't know why they took this stupid name of Rabbits (I suggest they do a cover of "The Hunter", just for laugh), maybe a private joke, but nothing's a joke in this new LP freshly released. I don't know whether it's a good thing to post it here since it can be bought at Relapse, but if they ask, I'll remove. You know, my philisophy is you listen to this MP encapsulated version and then invest in the true shit, and here is a real album. You won't regret. It's a highpoint of the year as was the Daughters album last year at the same period. Enjoy here.


aStroStrich said...

great band, great album! i love it.
Do you review unsigned recordings? i have just made an ep:

dkelvin said...

Thx I agree with you about this band. I don't actually do reviews but some comments of dl links. So I don't care whether the band is signed or not (most of those I post are actually not). Just that I must be enthusiastic about the music. I'll throw and ear to your link
Thx a lot for your comment