Steve Harley - No Bleeding Hearts Fake 7" (2010)

What a pleasure to have 2 recent great songs from Steve Harley to post. I must say that I am quite not a lover of his late career. Not that it's bad, but compared to his ancient grandeur, it's quite common. The last LP, Stranger Comes To Town is an uneven affair but there's more to enjoy than on the previous ones. And there's more ballads, violins, real intruments than on the previous ones. And also, there's the great Stuart Elliott on drums (yes the Stuart Elliott of the first Cockney Rebel era, he always appeared here and there in the Steve Harley discography but here he's constantly behind his sticks). "No Bleeding Hearts" has the charm of the best Dylan ballads and the long final is a "ô combien delicate" conclusion to this successfull composition. On the B side, I chose to put "The Old Man", almost similarly exquisite and thus you got a rather perfect couple of songs. Enjoy it here (I fixed the link correctly on 3/03, it was not initially). Then buy the album, there's enough on it to please you. The cover sleeve was conceived from a digital composition of Mario Sanchez Nevado, a Spanish artist you can see the gallery here.

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Anonymous said...

Do totally agree with your comment : No bleeding hearts is an absolute perfect song. I saw him some months ago in the Flanders starting his concert with this song, Steve's eyes closed during his singing. It was an unforgettable experience, starting a concert with this so slow song, and then the band joining in at the end of the song. Amazing, totally incredible, the audience in silence with devotion.

Derek from Paris