Child Abuse - Cut And Run (2010)

I did my biweekly sport session today listening to this album and I felt ready to participate to the next olympic games (except what I do is not an olympic discipline). Somewhere between Zeni Geva and Lightning Bolt, they sound sometimes as the Captain Beefheart of the post-noise movement if this movement had any reality. This LP, released one year ago, seems one of the most well guarded secrets and it's not fair cos' you won't listen to something craziest (but an euphoric crazyness) in your life. Their name is quite provocative but this participates to their sulfurous aura. Don't miss this gem. It should have been in my fave albums list of last year but I'd not listened to it enough to realise how it was great. Thx to superdahu to send me the link. Enjoy this destructive sonor bomb here.

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JWRobinson said...

Absolutely one of the best releases in 2010. Also, an experience to behold live. I've just finished one of the drummers books (http://www.orancanfield.com/) A must read.