Foxhole - We The Wintering Tree (2004)

After some years while I appreciated math-rock (in the middle part of the nineties), I became fed up with this style and quite stopped to listen to it. I discover rather lately this album released 6 years ago by an US band (from Kentucky) called Foxhole , and honestly this is the best math-rock thing I heard in my life (except maybe for the first Don Caballero albums). The idea to insert a trumpet in their sound architecture is a complete success and totally changes the rather annoying atmosphere of usual math-rock. In fact, their music explores much wider horizons than math-rock. Listen to the intro track (in streaming below) and you may think you are hearing a New Orleans trad. band playing a funeral hymn. There was no further LP released (only an EP) but it seems they are on the way to record a new one. I hope so cos' I listen to this one quite often these days and I'll need another one soon. We'll all need actually. Cos' you will dl it here and enjoy it so much you'll do too.

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