Free - Live at Berkshire (1972)

Tonight, I re-up all Free stuff previously posted on FS. First this live show from Autumn 1972. All is explained below. Don't miss these great documents, some of them being moreover, like this one, great music to listen to. Catch it here.

Totally opposed to the Coatham show disaster (listen here at your own risks), this live show 2 days later is quite a winner with a Koss back in (I mean guitaristically) and a band proposing a new Free style that would give their fabulous Heartbreaker album some months later (they were in studio rehearsals at the time of this concert). It is to remembered that 2 songs from their future new LP ("Heartbreaker" and "Seven Angels") were composed by Paul Rodgers for Peace 2 years before (if someone has a recorded testimony for that, I'm a taker). Actually, this band was more or less his own now that Andy Fraser was gone and Paul Kossoff was in or out according to his mental state (and the negative action drugs did in it). But the important is that in this show, after the wreck of the previous night, the band is in rather in form, Kossoff remembers how to play the songs and even take some nice solos, and the recorded quality is good enough to be something one can listen too like a normal album (don't expect an official LP quality one but it's not the shit 95% of bootlegs propose). I'm not sure the setlist is the best they could do ("I'm On The Run" composed and sung by Rabbit is a nonsense in a Free set and comes much too soon in the concert, the blues one could be OK for a closer but has nothing to do in the middle of the set) but this was their choice. In conclusion, I really think this one is one to enjoy the listen.

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