Free - Live at Coatham (1972)

Second Free re-up (double free actually, the band and it gratuitous). As I wrote below, it's a very bad set Free gave this night. But as a testimony of how the band could sometimes be in great danger of losing itself, it's fascinating. Catch it here.

Here's one of the worst and pathetic concert, not only by Free but maybe by any band I've heard. Played in Coatham the 12th October 1972, Free has lost Andy Fraser (replaced by Tetsu on bass and Rabbit on keyboards) but also Paul Kossoff, although on stage, but totally elsewhere. I've never heard a guitarist so out of it in my life. It's like he doesn't know how to play, not only the songs, but more largely, to play guitar. It's pathetic and difficult to listen to until the end. If I post this disastered show, it's because it's an historic document that proves how this great guitarist was a wreck some nights, because the sound is correct (an important parameter for me) and because 2 days later, in Berkshire (next post), Koss would be operational again, and it's fascinating that he could be so different in a so small interval of time. The only track that was not totally ruined was "Child" since Paul Kossoff was not really necessary. But all the rest is a pain to hear. Listening to this document, it's not difficult to understand that Andy Fraser decided to be out and that Paul Rodgers decided to rent someone on guitar to supply his lost friend. Can't say enjoy it, so have an ear to it.

Child you're talking of freedom Painted on your garden wall It's not there at all Child you're talking of wisdom You say wisdom is a golden rule You ain't no fool But you don't know who it is Who calls you name In the light of the golden moon You don't know who it is who brought you here And chained up your heart So soon Child you're life is a fairytale And it's not the same And the clouds You're hiding behind In your misty mind have disappeared Like a sailor far from the shores of your dreams And far from the love of your home Sailor lost on your own misty seas And the chains on your heart, baby Might be my love Might be my love It's so confusing And you feel that you're loosing yourself But, there over the mountain You thought you'd never have to climb There's a road Reaching and stretching To the corner of your mind Like a river casts aside the dust And grows and grows as it flows The feeling deep inside of you Must break like a dam So set you free So set you free So set you free


Anonymous said...

You're right, this bootleg is painful, and it's one of the reasons why I'm not that enthusiastic with boots in general. I know many boots which are "better" (whatever that means) than the studio versions, but I know a lot more which really suck.
Bored musos at the end of the tour, detuned instruments, too much drugs, failing monitors or a dumb front-of-house mixer can spoil even the best show.
I don't want to see (or hear) my favourite band ruin themselves.
What I don't understand: the rest of Free must have noticed in which state Kossoff was. Why did they let him play? Or just pulled the plug, I don't think he would have noticed.....

dk said...
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dk said...

I hesitated to post it and wouldn't have done it if 2 days later, the band hadn't play a good one with a reborn Kossoff. So it's interesting to hear the 2 and this is the reason why I understand this post only as one element of this dyptic. I'm also not very fond of bootlegs but for Free, Procol Harum or Groundhogs, I must say I do exceptions.
Thx for your interesting comment.

Wind said...

Thank you!
I will put your link in my blogroll . It will be easy for me to see your new post!
Best regards from Romania!

Vonnoosh said...

At least it's bad and not officially released. Bad and officially released is a slap in a face for anyone who is a fan of the artist or artists. Roy Orbison apologized to fans for Laminar Flow and and Can deleted Out of Reach from their catalog completely.