Haggatha - II (2010)

It's always the same story. You take your "matinée" for listening to unknown sludge, doom or noise shits you never heard of before. Time's passing and you feel today you won't discover anything fitting your taste, you become quite dubious to find anything able to shake your old remnants of enthusiasm, and, when you're near to give up and go back to your usual trivial daily occupations, you jump on your chair. You got it, this is the stuff you'll adopt in the sonor Noah arch of your brain. This band is named Haggatha, he's from Vancouver and he's great. It's heavier than human stupidity and succeeds in making this massive mud celestian as an Airbus A380. In the sludgy doom genre, not far from Thou or Indian, they stand proudly with this LP as candidates for leaders with very subtile themas on guitar. I hope they'll keep this quality in the future. You can find their myspace here and their bandcamp there. Enjoy this gem here but then go quick buying their stuff on solid support, thx.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously so freaking good. NO words.