Imber Luminis - Fletus (2010)

Imber Luminis is a side-project of Deha, the man assuming the vocals in Deviant Messiah, a French black/death metal band, but the music here has nothing to do with this furious style since it's contemplative melancholic doom, and although it can be considered as a bit simplistic, there is an inner beauty, morbid for sure, but absolutely breathtaking to my ears (my lungs should I say). Tonight, in my state of mind, I can barely imagine music more appropriate. Any other in which I would have felt the willing to impose it's pretention would have been out immediately given the hate for any posture I feel in me this evening. I hope this man will go on in this way cos' it's certainly a derelicted one but ô so important to share with other cadaver brains like us. Note that there is only one long (39 min) track here, no vocals (for a vocalist it's interesting). You can go Deha's blog here. Happy to have something else to cherish in my country. Enjoy it here.

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