It Is I - Evolve (1994)

In the new issue of Xroads, a French music mag about rock music (without any speciality except maybe quite a lot of US-inspired adult or americana rock) in which I got a chronical about doom, I write a kind of sludge story with a record (single, EP or LP) every month. For the 12th episode (previously there were several records I posted here such as EyeHateGod, Grief, Asbestosdeath, FuManchu, Neanderthal or Autopsy) I talked about It Is I, the band Tom Choi formed after leaving Asbesdosdeath (who became Sleep). It's really a stunning muddy album with many influences larger than the ones usually heard in the genre (such as Godflesh or the Stooges for example) and a psychedelic flavour that isn't without similarity with the Electric Wizard of Let Us Pray 9 years later. The vocals were quite grinding and this may explain why this band is so rarely cited when seminal bands of the past are cited. A reason to verify it was a great one and that it deserves to stay as a milestones in the unpaved sludge pathway. There was no further record released and the career of Tom Choi did not reach the same popularity of those of the future Om and High On Fire. Too bad. Enjoy it here.


tone said...

awesome. this band heavily influenced me to want to play guitar. so heavy and dark.ive only had a cassette recording with no band name and just recently found out who they were.. so glad i have found out, than k you so much. where to buy albums?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I played bass in IT IS I and really enjoyed our short run as a band and especially recording "EVOLVE". I wrote some of the riffs, and did most of the arrangement on the album. How can I read the XroadS articles?

dkelvin said...

Always glad to read some words from one of the actors of the great sludge history (and more widely of rock, at least the one I dig). Xroads was in French. Not possible to find on the net and of course to buy. Some episodes of the series were published on a site http://www.poin-poin.com/dressez-vos-esgourdes-mainmenu-35/22-doomsludgedrone?start=40 but not the one about It Is I unfortunately. I'll try to scan it and post it on my other blog, Dim Damn Doom http://dimdamndoom.blogspot.fr/ while re-uploading the album. Promise.