Jonesy - Sudden Prayers Make God Jump (1974)

A better-late-than-never re-up due to an attempt to improve the sound. I have really improved the very weak one that was provided on this semi-official CD. Sad that Trevor Gypsy has the master and never gave it for release. He gave his brother a cassette and the latter seems to have released 4 years ago a version of the album with a new cover sleeve (all details here) but I didn't find anywhere this version. So I did my best to upgrade the quality of the CD source. I listened to it today and it's far better. I gave details about this album below but what it appeared to me today is that the material is a little like a Barry-Ryan-goes-prog album. And you may know as I'm a BR fan (more of his stuff re-up soon with also some work to improve the sound quality). There's not so many real underrated overlooked and unissued masterpiece in rock music, and this is one of them. Catch it here. Below the videos are from the CD version, lower quality than my version.

As Patto's Monkey's Bum here or Jack Bruce Band's Jet Set Jewel there, this 4th Jonesy LP has not been released after its recording, and has never been issued with a correct sound, this time because it seems the tapes were stolen and lost forever. Jonesy was a UK progressive stronly influenced by King Crimson, featuring the brothers Evan-Jones and, during 2 LP, Alan Bown. After winning the price of the year Best Album by the Montreux Jazz Festival jury, they felt in a turmoil of problems leading to their split. But, as a swansong (actually a swanalbum), John and Trevor Evan-Jones decided to record the album they dreamt of and this was this Sudden Prayers Make God Jump. Virgin records was interested to release it but the 2 musicians were under contract with another label that didn't want to let them go but seemed not inclined to release this LP. The stealing episode closed the dilemna. Never was heard again from these 2 brothers in the musicland. This LP is really fascinating, based on a sort of bleak personal experiment, and full of references to the Beatles (more specifically the Lennon psychedelic area), to the Pink Floyd (the Barrett's one), although musically, we are somewhere between the Strawbs of Hero and Heroine and Yes, and even sometimes Manfred Mann Chapter III. Interesting cocktail. We dream to get by a miracle the real final produced version but this document gives an idea of what could have been. A perfect example of forgotten songs you'll agree I suppose. In streaming I put a song not really representative of the album but one of my faves. Lyrics are particularly depressing.

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