Patto - Monkey's Bum (1973)

A self-requested re-up. Actually, there was a long time I wanted to improve the sound of this overlooked gem that was refused by Muff Winwood, the then boss of Island. Couldn't reach the standards of an officially released LP but it's much better (for me) than the version (bootlegged) released on various labels to this day, and that I had posted initially. Such a misery nobody has ever released the master of this album. There's surely a reason but I don't know which one. Meanwhile, you can catch this slightly better one here to have a taste of what great album it could have been. I changed the previous cover sleeve I had done (rather ugly) for this much better one. After all, this blog is better and better as I'm getting old. And I forgot to say to fuck off to the shitload that wrote the first comment but this omission is now repaired.

Like Jack Bruce's Jet Set Jewel (here), this album is one of these great LPs refused by their label, here not by RSO but by Island, a label that benefits from a good reputation but which was able to reject such a great record on the simple basis that progressive was out (but the music here is certainly not progressive, they must had glue in their ears) and because Ollie Halsall quitted the band during the sessions (it's true the guitarist was an important piece of the puzzle but Mike Patto shows here that he was competent enough to take the band in charge, composing all alone 4 songs) and they did not want to release an album without a tour featuring the guitarist that played on it. Many say that this album was rather good with some excellent songs on it. I consider it is great and as a whole, would have been the best thing Patto would have released. On the songs recorded after Ollie Halsall left, Mel Collins played sax and it's a perfect alchemy with Mike Patto voice. Unfortunately, contrary to Jet Set Jewel, no official release with the original studio sound has been done (shame on Island) and all we got is a rather crappy sound, but songs are so good I listen to it quite often actually, one of the rare albums I accept to hear in these conditions. There were 2 unofficial versions, one on Audio Archives and one on Akarma (I included the back cover in the rar file so you can have the song titles) but both are bad either. I decided to do another sleeve since the 2 of these releases are rather arbitrary. I illustrated the title, which is not really about the butt of monkeys but about a chess strategy, the reason why I took this chess game showing I hope, the famous Monkey's Bum disposition (although it's a strategy, so no fixed image can illustrate it). In hommage of this great band, don't hesitate to dl it, hoping someone at Island one day will have the courage to release it in respectful form. "Pick Up The Phone", an unusual Patto song, has a superb Kinks flavour (Preservation era) and would have deserved to be a hit.


Anonymous said...

Dead link = asshole!

dkelvin said...

No use to insult. Just ask. It's been fixed. Asshole too. dk

buzzbabyjesus said...

I'm sorry, but anyone who says:

Dead link = asshole!

is the asshole.

I've been blogging for several years and I can't recall ever seeing a comment concerning a dead link as obnoxious as that made by anonymous. The dick doesn't even have the guts to leave an identity.

However, the reason I'm here is to thank you for "Monkey Bum", it's as good as you say. The first few seconds put me off due to the sound, but I was soon taken by the quality of the material. I'm confident this will someday see a legit release. It's too good.

dkelvin said...

Thanx for your comment and nice words. It's true I'm sometimes surprised by the useless agressivity of visitors (recently a Slade fan because I compared their idols to T. Rex). But it's humans, often more silly than monkey's bums (real ones this time)

Miles said...

I've always been curious to hear this lost LP. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

hey asshole,

your blog is awesome! thanks so much for the amazing tunes! too bad some people are such douchebags.


Anonymous said...

Yes, some are sick!

sosgotcha said...

For me, some ideas can be considered like progressive but very few indeed ! Good stuff nevertheless !

Can you send me flac links (I 've already in 320) at :

Jim G said...

Hello! I would very much like to download a copy of this as PATTO is a recent discovery for me and now small obsession. What a band! I don't see the link here, so hopefully there's a chance its still available and for you to send to me? Thanks in advance!

Jim G.

dkelvin said...

The link is "here" at the 8th line of the 1st paragraph. In all the posts the link is on "here".

Unknown said...

Hi, thanks very much for this, the quality is much better than previous versions I have heard.

Can you comment on the quality compared with the recent Cherry Red Records (Esoteric imprint) release?



dkelvin said...

I didn't know about this remastered issue. I just listened to it and it's infinitely superior to the classic boot version and to mine. Not totally the sound the album would have been if it was released at the time but not far. So it's a necessary acquisition (except that I will remove my version for this one in the file soon ;)