Murkrat - Drudging the Mire (2011)

No problem, this will be one of the great albums of the year. This Australian duo (but only Mandy Cattleprod on guitar and vocals is a permanent member since on the previous LP she was with another drummer) proposes a music from the catacombs. It's apparently old school doom, the one we could find at the beginnings of the Rise Above label in 1989, but strangely the female dimension (Nico is not far but also other female doom preachers) is totally relevant to present times. More than that, here some of the classical climax you can hear in Schnittke masterpieces can be heard. There is even experimental passages that are stunning in their audacious approach of the genre. Of course it won't be everybody's cup. Some will find it too rudimentary playing and too monotonous on the lenght but I don't care, believe me it's great. I posted the previous LP here, it was fascinating and good but this one is much better, a kind of masterpiece in itself. First listen it here and then support in buying this fantastic LP. Such quality and authenticity in despaired music is rare.


Saints - One Two Three Four (1977)

Rather than wait for their 3rd LP to issue a new single, the Saints released this 4-tracks EP with 2 covers (not cover sleeve but songs covered) and in particular a fantastic version of "River Deep Mountain High" that seemed to be written for them. The 2 other songs are from the 1st LP in slightly different versions. "Lipstick on your collar" the song's supporting this EP (a song made famous by Connie Francis in 1959) was not a hit 7" and maybe the band was desappointed after the quite good score of "This Perfect Day" but these covers did not possess the semantic consistance of their previous songs. I still remember the excitation of each Saints release at the time. It was really a band than was relevant for me although not strictly belonging to the punk scene. Enjoy it here.

River deep mountain high. When I was a little girl I had a rag doll The only doll I've ever owned Now I love you just the way I loved that rag doll But only now my love has grown And it gets stronger in every way And it gets deeper let me say And it gets higher day by day Do I love you my oh my River deep, mountain high If I lost you would I cry Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby When you were a young boy did you have a puppy That always followed you around Well I'm gonna be as faithful as that puppy No I'll never let you down Cause it goes on and on like a river flows And it gets bigger baby and heaven knows And it gets sweeter baby as it grows Do I love you my oh my River deep, mountain high If I lost you would I cry Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby I love you baby like a flower loves the spring And I love you baby like a robin loves to sing And I love you baby like a schoolboy loves his bag And I love you baby river deep mountain high

Pyramido - Salt (2011)

Let's have a break with some contempory noise. By Thor, this Swedish band offers here with its second LP (at least I think it is) an incredible unidenditified sludge object that doesn't suffer comparision with EyeHateGod if they had decided to play Autopsy when they were slow. But much more varied (listen for example to the strangely prog instrumental called "Saltstoder", or the splendid grande finale of "Onward", in streaming below in studio, and in live version via Youtube). It's heavy and muddy as you can hope when, like me, you like your metal with filfth and disgust. Strangely inappropriate cover sleeve if you want my opinion since it seems to be one for Robert Wyatt, but they surely had some hidden concept behind it (Pyramido is not either a real great name for such a music). However, the music here is top choice for you if you dig this genre. Don't miss it. Try first here and then buy. One of the great names to be remembered in the future and listened to in the present.


The Saints - This Perfect Day EP (1977)

I listen a lot to The Saints these days. Bought the new edition of All Times Through Paradise and it's a source of pleasure to have all these gems again in my everyday life. Here the follow-up to "I'm Stranded", almost equivalent in genius, in its single version, rather different of the LP version that'll be included in the Eternally Yours LP some months later. And the lyrics are as relevant today as they were 34 years ago (an eternity and it seems yesterday, strange how life is). Moreover, on the B-side of the single was a non-album track, "L.I.E.S." And a 12" EP version was released with another track, "Do The Robot". Here the 3 of them. Enjoy this testimony of how wild and cyclonic rock can be when it's played by young Australians totally masters of their thing. And below 2 fantastic visual documents of the band miming or playing this song, that just failed to be a major hit because of stupid problems of label.

This Perfect Day. Don't talk to me about what's been done nothing has changed it all goes on & they'll keep laughing till the end I've seen them drive around in cars all look the same get drunk in bars & don't talk back we got no social rights This perfect day what more to say I don't need no one to tell me what I allready know We got no high times always flat if you go out you don't come back it's all so funny I can't laugh This perfect day etc etc...


OK. Here we go again. Let's have a try. Too boring to have no more the little pleasure to post rare records I love and that I know some of you find pleasure too in dling. So more gems to come soon. Hope I won't have to close again.