Kim Fowley - Big Bad Cadillac / Man Without A Country 7" (1970)

Another re-up in tribute. See below for details. Catch here.

Recorded in Sweden and released there under the name of King Lizard (didn't find any cover sleeve), these 2 songs could have been a good single by here but was not. It's Kim at it's rawest and we like it for this don't we? The B-side is still better, with a shouted final in the Kim's sludgy way. This man was really something else. Not far from Beefheart's van Vliet but with this something more sexy and glamour that did the thing for me and my alikes. More to come from this great mad guy. And the cover sleeve is an hommage to the Elvis who changed the music history. And the picture below is a one of Kim as a child near great big cars in the 50's. 

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