Kim Fowley - Born To Make You Cry / Thunder Road 7" (1970)

Another re-up in tribute. See below for details. Catch here.

Some months after the "Big Bad Cadillac" single (see here), Kim Fowley released this new one under his name this time this time. Music's here has nothing of a joke or a style exercise as many Kim's singles, but is pure Outrageous style. Recorded with Steppenwolf members and friends (+ Mars Bonfire), it's more or less sure that it was actually recorded at the time of Outrageous (maybe prior to it) and could have featured on this LP but was actually recorded for Original Sound label. It was not released in the USA but was in UK and in France (the cover sleeve is the French one). Issued in 1977 on the Living In The Streets album, it deserves to be seen in its singularity. There a text about this single from the Julian Cope site.

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