Kim Fowley - California Summertime / Hollywood Nights 7" (1974)

Another re-up in tribute. See below for details. Catch here.

A 2-songs pack recorded in 1974 for a single released this time under the name of Lance Romance (strange idea this constant change of names). Recorded after the International Heroes, it's clear on the picture that he decided to jump in the glam wagon. But it will short-lived. These songs are not the best he did I admit and sometimes are not far from being a little jokey but they are good. Recorded on the same afternoon (always with unknown musicians), they are impossible to ignore for any real fan of unconventional music (and I know you are). "Hollywood Nights" in particular, could have been included on Outrageous or Good Clean Fun. This is Kim in his delirious genius. Enjoy it here. I took a Dennis Stock pix taken on a California beach at the end of the 60's to to the cover sleeve. Below the cheapest video ever made.

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