Kim Fowley - Motorboat / 25 hrs a Day 7" (1973)

Another re-up in tribute. See below for details. Catch here.

This is the first from a series of posts about Kim Fowley. Previously I posted a single with "Bubble Gum" on it (see here) but there are so much more it would be a crime not to use this blog to share them with who-wants-it. Here a single issued in 1973 under the silly pseudo of Jimmi Jukebox. Surely because he was under contract with Capitol and that the label would not agree to release such unconventional songs. Recorded and released between the I'm Bad LP and the International Heroes one, it is Kim at his best. Both are actually very good. Enjoy here. More to come from the real bad guy of rock 'n' roll. I did the cover sleeve. Not a masterpiece but suits well with the sonic atmosphere I think.

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