Melanie - Seventh Wave (1983)

Strange that this is this rather weak Melanie album that I'm asked to re-up but since it is rather rare to find it now, maybe it's an explanation. I've tried to enhance the sound (a vinyl captured one, not by me since I do not own the vinyl). It's better than the first one I had up. Some Melanie fans really like this one, but personally it's not my cuppa sound (read below what I wrote in the first post). But anything from Melanie has for me some sort of interest. So here it is.

One year after Arabesque failed to meet any commercial success, Melanie has the good surprise to have a modest but real hit with her new single called "Every Breath Of The Way". It's a really good song not far from what Steve Harley did in his "Make Me Smile" era. The associated album, called Seventh Wave, would not meet the same reception and would fail to make any sort of impact. It's true that it's first cover sleeve was one of the ugliest ever released. The second one was less awful but unappropriate to give Melanie a Kate Bush dimension. This is the reason I decided to create a new one based on live pictures of Melanie I suppose taken at the same period. I'd long imagined this album was a wreck. Maybe due to the fact that 1982-1985 is one of the worst period in rock music. But I think this LP has its moments and can be saved. It's one step lower again but not a mess. It is to note that I post the German version with 2 additional songs ("Son Of A Rotten Gambler" and "What Do I Keep", 2 covers cos' interestingly, she composed most of the songs on this album, contrary to the previous 10 years). An interesting addition to explore the less known grounds of her career. Below a bad quality but very rare TV shot of Melanie singing "Every Breath Of The Way".

The first UK cover sleeve (I told you it was ugly, that's why I keep it small)

The second UK cover sleeve (no much better isn't it?)


Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

Hey, there is one good song on this album (in my opinion), it is the Lovers' Lullaby, which received a great make over 14 years later on the Antlers Album!

The new pictures you chose are actually from 1989, but that is OK, they are prett nice.

Oh, and do you know why you don't like the original cover? You have seen it 4 years before on "Oceans of Fantasy", the fourth Boney M. LP


It is really the same stock photo!! I assume that means the people making the Melanie album have never heard from Boney M, who were still extremely successfull with their 4th album, and there might be a copy of it in every third europen household.

I am a fan of Boney M (you have noticed that already, I am sure)

Harry said...

Is there any chance you could repost this, as well as the other Melanie material (Garden in the City, Live at Musikladen)? Thanks!

dkelvin said...

Yes, asap.

Harry said...

Thank you! I'd like to extend that request to all the dead links to Melanie's material that were posted here, if you would be so kind as to oblige.

dkelvin said...

I'll do it a little bit by little bit since my connexion is really slow now.

Harry said...

Many thanks for re-upping this rarity! I look forward to the rest of your Melanie albums when you get the opportunity to re-post them.

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LT said...

I have just found your blog and am very grateful for the music you are sharing, particularly the Melanie recordings. Unfortunately the M link for "Seventh Wave" no longer works. If you would be so kind as to re-up it as you get a chance, I would be very appreciative. Thank you for keeping so much music alive on your blog!

dkelvin said...

I need to improve the sound quality, even of my first post. It worths the wait I think since the original ripp is quite weak.

Anonymous said...

This album slipped through the cracks all these years. Can you please re-up?