Murkrat - Drudging the Mire (2011)

No problem, this will be one of the great albums of the year. This Australian duo (but only Mandy Cattleprod on guitar and vocals is a permanent member since on the previous LP she was with another drummer) proposes a music from the catacombs. It's apparently old school doom, the one we could find at the beginnings of the Rise Above label in 1989, but strangely the female dimension (Nico is not far but also other female doom preachers) is totally relevant to present times. More than that, here some of the classical climax you can hear in Schnittke masterpieces can be heard. There is even experimental passages that are stunning in their audacious approach of the genre. Of course it won't be everybody's cup. Some will find it too rudimentary playing and too monotonous on the lenght but I don't care, believe me it's great. I posted the previous LP here, it was fascinating and good but this one is much better, a kind of masterpiece in itself. First listen it here and then support in buying this fantastic LP. Such quality and authenticity in despaired music is rare.

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