Pyramido - Salt (2011)

Let's have a break with some contempory noise. By Thor, this Swedish band offers here with its second LP (at least I think it is) an incredible unidenditified sludge object that doesn't suffer comparision with EyeHateGod if they had decided to play Autopsy when they were slow. But much more varied (listen for example to the strangely prog instrumental called "Saltstoder", or the splendid grande finale of "Onward", in streaming below in studio, and in live version via Youtube). It's heavy and muddy as you can hope when, like me, you like your metal with filfth and disgust. Strangely inappropriate cover sleeve if you want my opinion since it seems to be one for Robert Wyatt, but they surely had some hidden concept behind it (Pyramido is not either a real great name for such a music). However, the music here is top choice for you if you dig this genre. Don't miss it. Try first here and then buy. One of the great names to be remembered in the future and listened to in the present.

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