Battle Path (ex Black Majesty) - Storm and Stress (2011)

I won't hide that I'm sure that this album will be in my top 10 at the end of the year (if I'm still alive of course). It's a complete winner. The mix of stoner, sludge and doom that I need the most to listen to these bleak times. References are varied but they install their own singularity and never sound plagiarist or superfluous. Never a weak moment (unusual, most often there's some dull ones) and the short post-rock spaces are filled brillantly. The end of "A Thousand Years" is the piece of music I heard the closest to Yes "The Würm" (on The Yes Album). I only have some doubt on the clear vocals laid during some seconds on "Damn The Skyline". I got no pictures of the band and not even a site to get some information. I only know they are from USA. And that they kill shit. Enjoy it here or there. Beware, this band has nothing to do with a pathetic Australian metal band that you find each time you put Black Majesty in your site searcher. Fortunately, they changed their name for Battle Path. A good news.

Interesting, below, the 2 alternative cover sleeves by the same graphic desinger called Brock Vincion Sharp (site here)


Battle Path said...

Hello there. Just ran across this post. I'm in Battle Path and the record was actually released via bandcamp. It can be found at battlepath.bandcamp.com

Also, our facebook page is here--www.facebook.com/blackmajestydoom

Thanks for the kind review! We really appreciate it!

Battle Path

dkelvin said...

Thanx for the comment. Your album is really great so you deserve every word and even much more. Hope to contribute to spread your music worldwide.