Deafheaven - Roads to Judah (2011)

This US band from SF succeeds in marrying black metal (not totally tradionnal one) with post-rock atmospheric one, but never sacrifices one of them and it's impressive to see that it can be so good. If you were waiting for a crossover between Xasthur and Omega Massif (I was), this is the best I heard to this day. Always changing, this music avoids any boring sensation and could have lasted one hour. But this an EP, their first real proper release after their last year demo. They do not really have the look of your usual black metal outfit and on some pictures (not those below that I found here with a nice Grief sweat) seem to play Joy Division covers. But they're not. It's brutal and extreme as we like this kind of music to be. Maybe too contemplative and cliché for me here and there (the lead guitar's melodies in particular), not dirty enough, but I'll wait a little again before a band can mix black metal with sludge. Meanwhile, enjoy this exciting new shit here or there. And support them the best you can in buying their work (the cover sleeve is great). In streaming, the last track, "Tunnel of Trees", stay until the end, the final is gorgeous. The show about the album release in pictures here.

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