Gezoleen - Black Spaces Between Stars (2005)

This LP, released 6 years ago, was one of my coup-de-coeur of the year, and is still what I consider a great piece of extreme intense noise equivalent of our most angry and furious inside states. More a one-man band (Jeff McLeod) than a real band (although they did concerts and had some promo shots such as the one below), it had unfortunately no follow-up. Recently, when thinking about the great albums I should post on this blog, this one came to my mind quite instantly. Be careful, it's extreme as it can be, but there is something of real melodies under that. I can't help to think that it's quite what Kim Fowley would have done if he was 20 some years ago. But of course, Foetus and Jello Biafra come quicker to brain than Mr Fowley. The last track is a cover of Dazzling Killmen. It was n°36 after 26 ghost tracks on the original LP, but here I remove these none tracks and made it n°9. If you are in intense noise, enjoy this jewel here or there. Below a rather hard to see video if you fear nail biting.

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