JFG - The Iceman Is Coming / (I'll Never) Apologize To You fake 7" (2011)

Second single (another fake) from JFG (never know if we must write in capitals or not). Believe me, have a try and you'll love it. Catch it here. Below a video I made with the cover sleeve above (mine) and one of the band playing the song live.

Taken from his superb compilation of his home recordings LP (you can dl for cheap here), here a 2-song fake 7" with "The ice man is coming" on A-side, a should-be-a-hit song for sure. If you're into Robyn Hitchcock, Jonathan Richman, Monochrome Set or Vic Godard, they'll be in your faves quite quick I promise. I had quite a hard time chosing a self-made cover sleeve but I preferred not to use a flat illustration of ice and drinks for a rather more complex and unsane one from a girl called Vashtia (deviantArt gallery here). Below a picture of JFG with Julie on backing vocals and his Regulars during a recent show. More to come soon. 

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