Kim Fowley - Automatic (1974)

I suppose I don't need to explain why I re-up this album. But if you've not been informed, let know that Kim Fowley died yesterday. I discovered this singular, weird and touching man 40 years ago, and never stopped listening to him (one of the rares I never abandoned in my so varied musical periods). Even these later years, he was creative and funny, and moving, and pathetic too but oh so human. So here the first of a series of posts I will re-up this evening for you to have the privilege to hear his music. Cos' for me Kim Fowley never was the "producer and creator of the Runaways" as the lazy and ignorant press summarizes his artistic life. He was a music-man, and his greatness was to have never taken himself seriously as Zappa or Beefheart and finally to be, in my eyes and ears, much more interesting. But I've surely shitty tastes. Meanwhile catch his Automatic unreleased album here (details below)

Following the recording and the release of his London and oh how much underrated International Heroes album, an album that tried to bandwagon the glitter movement although it was not really relevant to this movement musically, Kim Fowley went back to California and recorded another LP called Automatic that will be left unissued and only available some years later. Difficult to understand why since it was once again a fine piece of work with very varied climaxes, from the sublime and delicate "Mom & Dad" to the glam-flavored "Visions Of The Future" through the exquisite soul oriented "Save Love For A Rainy Day", sung with Becky Hobbs. Quite short but really a good with much to love album. The CD cover sleeve was awful (a picture from the International Heroes series) so I took pictures from the Visions Of The Future compilation (released in 1978) to illustrate this album correctly. Enjoy this great Kim forgotten album here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on Becky Hobbs, was the goods I was looking for.

Anonymous said...

can you reupload this?

dkelvin said...

Yes tonight I re-up all Kim Fowley's material as a tribute.