Melanie - Please Love Me (Soundtrack songs 1969-71) (1973)

Re-up on request by Nathalie, a nice visitor, this compilation. I tell everything about it below. Catch it here. More to come (albums that I haven't re-up since then).

I usually don't like compilations very much, but this one is interesting since it compiles all the songs sung by Melanie in the 2 soundtracks where she was involved in 1970-71 i.e., RPM and All The Right Noises. And they were far from being weak. Some are even gems . This LP was surely released for bad reasons, I mean commercial ones. After Garden in the City, 4 Faces of and The Very Best, Buddha tried to cash on their ex-star gone with her own wings in 1972 to drive her own label. But nobody can blame them cos' it's cool to have all these songs spread on quite dispensable soundtracks LPs gathered here. Can't explain why there is "Momma Momma", a song from her first album on it (but the sublime "In The Hour" was too, except it was the first track on the All The Right Noises soundtrack LP). But since it's a great one, so who can complain? And the final surprise is to find "God's Only Daughter", the B-side of her first single ("Beautiful People") on it. I omitted to add the "Please Love Me" instrumental cos I would have been forced to take it from my vinyl and the sound would have sounded rubbish compared to there fine quality versions of the songs. Morever, it was only an instrumental so not really interesting for any Melanie fan. In brief, an indispensable addi(c)tion to your Melanie's collection if you don't have it. For me, the records that often help me to survive troubled times such as these ones. 


Aguar said...

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Mateo San Diego said...

Oh, it's sad not to have the unsettling, bizarre and super-sweet orchestrations of the "Please Love Me (Instrumental)" - it was the anthem for my creepy doll collection. But seriously, I kind of liked ending the album on that note. Still, I'll live. I'm really glad you posted this record - and explained it for me, as well! I was given a copy as a birthday present and could never quite reconcile the timeline. And between you and me, I think "Please Love Me" is an amazing, heartbreakingly naive song, which is perhaps why I identify with it even still. And "Getting Out" is a real must! :-) Yay.

Mateo San Diego said...

Grrrr... this is the "sorta-kinda remastered' version of "Momma Momma" - the same one I can now find pretty much everywhere, even on the CD pressing of Born To Be. The vinyl album version spaced the guitar, voice and organ panned in different parts of the speaker, so when the song grows to a boil, it sounds anthemic rather than overburdened. Am I crazy? No, I'm telling you the album's pressing was much better than this compressed afterbirth. Other than that, yay! Great post. I love you. Need a boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for all that you do :)
Can you re-up to MEGA, these files ...

Melanie: Please Love Me (Soundtrack songs 1969-71)
Melanie: Alternative Unchained Melanie EP (1996)
Melanie: Antlers LP (1996)

Thank you, you make me happy.
Love, Nathalie