Oruga - s/t (2011)

I had posted a single track fake 7" from this French Stoner band (here) because I found it heavy, dirty and strong. Here they release their first EP and it's prime choice Sabbath-goes-sludgy-stoner style (SG3S if you need to send it by sms). Distorted as I like it since Buzzov.en appeared, and loaded as I love it since Electric Wizard was born, this band is, as soon as this first shot, one of the best things in France and more widely on the Stoner planet (a style I don't cherish anymore because it is rather recycling the same gimmicks ad nauseam). They make me love it again in mixing it with the Thou universe and it's total success. Dl it here and support the band in attending their shows and buying their material on decent "support". Their myspace's here.

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