St... - Oh How She Changed / Or Am I Dreaming 7" (1968)

In June 1968, the first Strawbs single was released, the band being torn apart between several labels (Island, Polydor & A&M) showing that many believed the band would be important. The single, featuring 2 songs that would be on their further 1st real proper album, was not a success but was well received. "Oh How She Changed" is still today a classic that the band plays on stage (except that it's Dave Lambert who sings it divinely and no more Tony Hooper) since it's a wonderful melody (and lyrics are great too). Today, they play it without the pop feeling of the times and the medieval and folk dimension of the song is much more pregnant. But both versions have their charm. And the B-side ("Or Am I Dreaming" is also a great one). And one more thing: Tony Visconti was the arranger. The reason the chords are so gorgeous. Enjoy this 2-gem lot here.

Oh how she changed. She leaned forward in the lamplight In her eyes an amber glow She was promising the earth And yet somehow saying no We talked of pleasant summer days Kew Gardens, Hampton Court The jewellers where we bought The ring that held us close together. Oh how she changed with every passing day. In the swirling misty morning As the day began to break In the heavy dew her footsteps I am floundering in her wake. Oh how she changed with every passing day. The shutters of indifference Have close to bar the view A person I once knew. Oh how she changed with every passing day.

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