Strawbs - Strawberry Music Sampler (1969)

I just finished the Dave Cousins autobiography (Exorcising ghosts, not so good that I hoped after the first chapters, the long segments on his work in various ILR are of poor interest and he seems much more happy with himself that I expected, maybe a sort of common trait in many singer-songwriters) so it's an opportunity to re-up this strange album they had sent to labels for proposing their songs to be covered by who wanted them (see below for the details). It's a very fine collection of songs with some real gems. I'll post others from this rich era of the band. I changed my first fake sleeve that was quite ugly actually. This one is much better. This picture is not ancient as it seems to be but recent and shot by Anette Skuggedal, from Norway. Beautiful. Catch this fine collection of antiques and curios here.

A very very strange album actually since it was done to "sell" songs to anyone would want them in the British music world of the times. Some months after their first real LP under the Strawbs name (released in May 1969) they gathered 17 songs on this LP (released in 99 copies), several from the Sandy and the Strawbs LP (here) and some more that would appear (or not) later on in the further LPs. The arrangements are quite heavily pop-oriented and the whole climax reminds us more the Mama's and Papa's, the Bee Gees or PJ Proby than the folk scene from which were Cousins and Hooper. But it's a very interesting collection with very fine versions of some songs. Not to be missed. I'm unsure whether anyone was interested by any song presented here. Some months later, they would release a real proper album: Dragonfly. Menawhile, enjoy this unidentified discographic object. I created a new cover sleeve since the original one was rather rudimentary (see below).

Stay Awhile With Me. It seems that loving is a game that I can't win No sooner are you here than gone again Is there nothing I can say To change your mind and stay Alone with you is all I long to be Will you stay awhile with me. I've often gazed into my crystal ball To find out if you think of me at all But there's no reason why You should even try For there's nothing I can give as you can see If you stay awhile with me. Stay awhile with me And I will show you I'm true Stay awhile with me That's all I'm asking you to do. I see you in the street lamp's rusty gleam It casts a magic spell as in a dream The night is growing old Come in from the cold I'll lock the door and throw away the key If you stay awhile with me.

The English cover (original vinyl and CD)

The Japan cover (CD)


Happydays123 said...

Such a beautiful album with the wonderful Sandy Denny. Great hearing songs in an earlier form that appeared on later Strawbs albums.

Thank you for posting!!

HansOfHolland said...

The Strawbs! Still a band a cherish with some of the most beautiful symphonic folk rock music of all times. Thank you for posting this early work.