Thou - Big City (2011)

This split 12" (the other band is Cower) is the 3rd of the new Thou releases in June. Being lucky enough to see them next thursday, I listen a lot to them cos' I suppose they'll play these tracks. This band is really impressive, succeeding each time to provide the wildest sludge on the planet, and it's true once again. Don't know why on the file I got, there are no Cower tracks but honestly, I'm only interested in the Thou ones, so I post it the way I got. The first track ("Get Me Out") is a Cower cover. Yes this Baton Rouge band is a great gift to present music. Hope they'll go on still a long time. Meanwhile, enjoy this new trip in Thou's world here or there (it seems you prefer mf than rs judging by the dl rate). And buy it on Vendetta here.

View of a Burning City. Fiery spires raised to pierce the veil of hermetic, nourishing night. Concrete standards to proclaim the tyranny of industry's might. The heralds that announce the imminence of cancerous disease, unending plague. Nauseous. The bodies piled high. Maggots rule and birth swarms of flies. The black cloud descends. And gold is all. And we welcome thee with open arms, with blinded eyes. Hail, our corporate overlords. Hail, self destructive greed. Hail, our burial grounds.


Anonymous said...

the cower cover is "Get Me Out". you have the tracklisting messed up my friend.

Anonymous said...

nevermind. you don't have the tracklisting wrong. but the first song "get me out" is by cower

dk said...

Sorry, of course it's Get Me Out. Don't know why I wrote Millstone. It's on their site http://noladiy.org/thou.html. You don't tell it me nicely but it's true I did a mistake. dk