Xasthur - Subliminal Genocide (2006)

Sometimes I wonder if Xasthur is not, with Khanate, the best thing to have happened in "rock" (large meaning) in the last decade. And before the splendid All Reflection Drained and last year Portal of Sorrow (there to get both), there was this Subliminal Genocide in 2006 (before Defective Epitaph). And for the last 10 days, I can't stop to listen to this one and I honestly think it's a masterpiece, even with its (few) weaknesses. I don't feel to talk with my poor level of English about such a moving piece of music, that succeeds in vibrating exactly with our (my) most despaired inner soul (if this has any meaning). Dl it here or there, and then buy it to have the full real quality. Such a shame Scott Conner has stopped this incredible one-man project. And since Khanate doen't exist anymore, what will be the music of our future depressive states?

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