Akem Manah - Horror In The Eyes EP (2011)

This Akem Manah is the US one (from Oregon), not the more gothic one from Belgium. They play a back to the roots (historically and metaphorically) death-doom that reminded me Autopsy when they slowed the pace, or to the old school doom à-la My Dying Bride 1st period. Except for the totally ruined version of Electric Wizard's "Funeralopolis" (where the drummer had put his drums sticks to play so out of pace?), the rest is dirty and sludgy as I love it (in particular the themas that are exceptionally finely developped and easy to remember such as the splendid one of "Creatures in the Wall"). A kind of good old times perfume, except that this lost heaven was the one we lived in cemetaries among living-deads. Taste the thrill here and then go to buy the CD there. It worths it. Their site is here. After Melanie, quite a contrast I admit, but this is the cyclothymic way I feel.

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