The Ash Eaters - Cold Hearts EP (2010)

OMD (you don't think I'll pray god, the devil is more my interlocutor), 2 hours after a car crash (I'm fine, my car less), that's exactly what I needed to hear. I had this demo stored for some weeks now, but tonight I had a need to hear these crashing guitars fuzzling in my ears as was the rain on the steel of our cars collided one in another. This demo is the new project of Umesh Amtey, ex-member of the great Brown Jenkins (I must post some of their material here one day), and is totally instrumental. If you would have liked that Steve Albini made Shellac go in the doom or black metal atmosphere, this will please you. You may like more bass, maybe a voice, but I find the present options OK, and the choir on "All Your Stars Will Die" is really clever and efficient enough to make you shivering deep in the spine. This project is one of the most interesting of the year so far. Don't need to upload it since it's free on Bandcamp (here) and a link to mediafire is even proposed.

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