Dark Castle - Surrender To All Life Beyond Form (2011)

Sorry to find almost every week an album that will feature in my top ten of the year (it was recently the case with Battle Path and Walk Through Fire) but once again, here there is one. It's the new Dark Castle. This band consists in the vocalist/guitarist and composer Stevie Floyd and drummer Rob Shaffer and their previous LP (Spirited Migration) was a gem that I promoted the best I could in the various media sources I was writing. Now, I'm confined to this blog and this new one is a complete masterpiece, varied as none would have believed and that is a new milestone in the doom/sludge march towards the glorious end of times. What is so fantastic here is that there is no more codes, barriers, taboos and that the duo decided to do what they were inspired to do. And it's totally amazing. I don't see anything on this album that is a concern for me. First, I was not totally convinced but it was only cos' I wasn't in the mood for a so deep and rich music. I wanted something unidimensional and somewhat archaïc which this album is not. If I post the LP here it's only to give a try but the band needs support and that you buy their stuff on any support you want (preferentially CD or vinyl on At A loss). Their myspace is here. Enjoy this total stunning piece of work there.

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