Ensorcelor - Crucifuge (2011)

Sorry if you were waiting for some 70's old treasure (usually it's 2 old stuff for 1 doom/sludge), but I'm still in extreme sludge blackened metal today, notably with this great Canadian band called Ensorcelor and truly ensorceling. Something of Khanate (in particular the voice and the deconstructed parts here and there) mixed with black metal atmospheres and breaks (a growing trend these times), a sludge sound thickness and doom themas on guitar (eg. the 8th min of "Crucifuge"). The perfect mixtures for despaired nights. This band succeeds with 2 long tracks to install its style and to become one of the major acts of the year. The production is loud and powerful, it's never boring or self-indulgent (there is even nice passages with acoustic guitar, yes). In brief, it's great. Shame that on their bandcamp they don't propose any solid format (vinyl or CD). However, you can buy a vinyl version here or there. Dl it here to enjoy and then buy it there to support.


Anonymous said...


this has been co-released on vinyl by two labels!

media tree recordings in Canada, and psychic assault in the UK

...and the vinyl is beautiful!

dkelvin said...

OK. I correct. dk