Jethro Tull - Sweet Dream / 17 7"(1969)

In October 1969, 4 months before the wonderful "Witch's Promise" single, the band had released another gem called "Sweet Dream", once again generously not an LP song although the albumStand Up, released during the summer of 1969 had been an incredible chart success (n°1 in UK, n°20 in the US) and could have provided many singles. But Ian Anderson was in his most prolific and genius period of his life and could write standards with a fascinating apparent facility. So "Sweet Dream", with its gorgeous chords arrangements, not far from the Barry & Paul Ryan's one, is a classic among classic and reached n°7 in the English charts. On the B-side another new track, very different from the usual Tull style but, will you believe me, great too. Not really easy to compare but I can't help thinking that in it there is something of the future Jacobites style (yes the Nikki Sudden's ones). It's one of the rare examples where the Tull could be classified in the Stones/Faces family. All in all, another extraordinary 7". Both tracks can be found on various compilations, but "17" is much less frequently included so it's a real forgotten song. More to come. Enjoy it here. PS. I think on the below pix they are at Père Lachaise cemetary. Didn't find any video for this song. Seems they did not play it on Top of the Pops or anywhere on TV.

Sweet Dream. You'll hear me calling in your sweet dream,can't hear your daddy's warning cry.You're going back to be all the things you want to be,while in sweet dreams you softly sigh.You hear my voice is calling to be mine again, live the rest of your life in a day. Get out and get what you can while your mummy's at home a-sleeping. No time to understand `cause they lost what they thought they were keeping. No one can see us in your sweet dream. Don't hear you leave to start the car. All wrapped up tightly in the coat you borrowed from me, your place of resting is not far. You'll hear my voice is calling to be mine again, live the rest of your life in a day. Get out and get what you can While your mummy's at home a-sleeping. No time to understand,`cause they lost what they thought they were keeping.


roberto said...

Great series of Tull singles here,probably in this little records they've reached their top...cheers

Anonymous said...

The only version of 17 which I knew until now is the short one on the 20th anniversary box. This one is much longer (about 6 min.)- so thank you very much for posting!

Lobster53 said...

Great! One of my favourite songs. I played the Single " Sweat Dream " and the B - Side " Seventeen " in the discothek in Germany.
Greetings from Dresden


Anonymous said...

Hi, just meandered across your blog while reminiscing over 'Tull' on line. The version of Sweet Dream/Stitch in Time I have is a 7 inch on White Vinyl (I know, classy eh?) which seems to have a live version of Sweet Dream with an electric guitar riff, power chords overlaying the normal acoustic strumming, as well as a sweet middle eight played on the flute, and lots of impromptu vocal input from Anderson, who 'thanks us kindly' at the end. It's one of those songs you have to play loud. I've never heard this version anywhere else and would love to find an online copy.

All the best

RJ Buxton

Mark T Collins said...

There is a live version and music video made during the "A" tour.