Kim Fowley- International Heroes (1973)

Kim Fowley had rough times this year, his bladder cancer tried to kill him and maybe it finally will win, but he recently married with Kara Wright and after all it's a way to keep death quiet some time. Since I saw that visitors came on this post, I decided to re-up this wonderful album on M. It's an overlooked masterpiece. Since I discovered him in 1972, I've never abandoned Kim Fowley, I'm rather proud of that. Catch it here.

This is what everyone calls the "glam" or "glitter" LP of Kim Fowley. It's true that once in London, he certainly was influenced by the climax of the year (actually 1972) which was all for Bolan & Bowie. Since these 2 glam stars were an adaptation of Dylan, it's no surprise this album is what Kim Fowley tried to do with Dylan to produce his own glam identity. Actually, it's still very Dylanian and rarely goes in the real glam (except the T. Rex-influenced "Born Dancer" and "Dancing All Night"). But the fact is this album is surely his best (with Outrageous) cos' songs are really prime cuts and have supported the test of time more than many of those released at this period. It's true that Kim Fowley was backed and helped (for composition) by a strong team of musicians among whom Kerry Scott (where is this man, what has he done afterwards?) and Glen Turner, both on guitars. They provide a first class support and Kim Fowley seems exceptionnally concerned and focused. Only on the Ralph Shuckett co-penned "So Good Wish You Would", the madness Kim was used to, emerges again. But the most incredible song is "I Hate You", totally under the influence of Procol Harum, and most notably their Shine On Brightly period, with the doomest and darkest songs. The text is terrible (if you want to send a hate letter to an ex-lover, take it) and the song remains one of the highlights of the seventies. A perfect great forgotten song although it cannot be denied it's a Procol rip-off. Other gems are "World Wide Love" (a sure hit, why nobody released this on a single?), "International Heroes" or "Ugly Stories About Rock Stars", not forgetting "Something New", but actually there is no really weak track here. So, that nobody released this masterpiece on CD properly shows how the record industry only deserves to be despised until they die. 


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Could you reup this?

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No need to re-up, the link works

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HEYYY could u re-up monster party & frankenstein's son??