Melanie - Replay (1999)

Tonight I decided to re-up several real or home-made albums from Melanie, first because it's the aim of this blog to keep available all that was previously posted (and after mf and rs deleted my account, I gave a last chance to this blog using M), and second because I discovered (a little late I must admit) that Melanie participated to the Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions in 2012. Maybe some fans of this new show-biz phenomenon (not sure she won't burn her wings as so many of her icarius-like provoc-elders) will be curious enough to take here some of the Melanie's stuff I posted. I begin with this album compiling re-worked versions of older material. More in the previous comments below. Catch it here.

This post received a severe comment recently by "Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika" saying it was frustrating that I decided to select my fave songs among the 20 reworked version of Melanie's songs comprised on this Czech compilation. She was right and I wonder why I did that since I usually try to put as much rare material I can find from Melanie. And more stupidly, hearing again this compilation, I don't even share my opinion of my previous selection. So  in this reworked version of my own post I provide the whole load of reworked songs included. Accept my excuses, I won't do it again. More Melanie to come (since this severe commentator sent to me some rare gems I will post as soon as possible).

Here below the text I wrote for the post
"Hell is paved with good ideas, and some bad ideas can lead to heaven. Maybe not heaven but a good surprise actually. Cos' who could think that to do modernized covers of old hits could have led to anything else than disaster or at least useless versions? It's not the case but I must confess something. I did a selection among the 20 songs reworked by Melanie and Peter Schekaryk. Released on an obscure Czech compilation called Beautiful People with a totally inappropriate cover sleeve (here) showing a young Melanie plaing guitar while singing, it featured very different approaches of these songs, some being only a re-arrangements over the original ones, with Melanie singing over her original voice. A shame. Others featured funky arrangements, that seemed to have been recorded much earlier than 1999. Last, there were songs played with delicate and efficient accoustic arrangements, backed with bass and drums and that showed how Melanie was able now to be a complete singer, moving and powerful (sorry for my weak vocabulary). There are some gems such as the version of "People In The Front Row". But I don't think there is a weak song. I did a decent cover sleeve and now it can be added to the complicated 90's Melanie's discography".

People in the front row. I was out of love, and out of my heart I couldn't quite stop something that I didn't start Yeah, the critics said "No" I didn't know how I came, so I couldn't go Oh oh how could you go when you don't know how you came Oh my predicament grew now I got friends And I think that my friends are you, yeah. I looked around for faces I'd know and I fell in love with the people in the front row My predicament grew now I got friends And I think that my friends are you, yeah. Oh Oh how can you go, when you don't know how you came so you don't know Oh My predicament grew now I got friends And I think that my friends are you.


Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

Hello, I believe you mean the Compilation on the label Brilliant. Unfortunately you don't tell that, so one must make assumptions. I used to think it was a dutch compilation, but I really have no facts here. I bought it from a dutch girl, but I guess that doesn't mean anything.

This CD is actually one of my favourite Melanie CDs! And I am just a big fan as you are, but obviously we have different tastes.

"Baby Day" is one of my favourites from this album, and I see you must have disliked it, because you didn't post it at all, same about Baby Guitar.

I am glad I have this CD, because if I didn't have it, I would now be very frustrated to find a partial album. I understand it is your blog and you can post what you want, but here you have made a selection driven by your personal tastes, and other people might like other songs more, but now they will never hear them, because you have decided for them.

But I like your cover!!! Great job!!

dkelvin said...

Actually you're right. It's quite stupid to chose my best fave songs and preculde others to do their choice.I'll add the 9 other songs quick.

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

BRAVO dk!! The whole discussion made me listen to the album again, and yes, it still is one of my favourites, and it is sadly underestimated, because (I guess) many people thought this is just yet another compilation with the same old stuff.

I am convinced if more people would really listen to the material, it would be more popular. But the inflation of "new" compilation (with the same old stuff for the 89th time) made people shut down and look away. But sometimes you do find a little gem stone among all the regular pebbles...

Thank you so much for re-posting it! And if there are more songs you might still miss, just let me know.

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

For anyone in doubt about the quality of this 1999 material, or overwhelmed with the load of 20 tracks, I would advise to listen to "Baby Day".

That track pretty much sums it up what this compilation is like (at least in my personal opinion!)

Listen to Baby Day from this CD, and if you like that, you might like the whole thing.

It is a new approach to an old song, and often these things go wrong, but here (I think!) it worked wonderfully! Very fresh and new, and a weird back ground choir that supports the whole new arrangement.

Beau Jarred is so talented!

I met Melanie and Beau last weekend in Woodstock, and Beau delivered the most wonderful performance of a song by Doc Watson (who recently passed away), and it was just stunning and mind-blowing!

He played the guitar and sang, while Melanie accompanied him with vocal harmonies. I wished I could have recorded that.

I believe that THIS album (the 1999 compilation) was the first one Beau had put his hands on (still under supervision of his Dad). He was 19 years old and you can hear the newness (if that is a word) of his approach to the old material.

I am sure we will see and hear much more from this super-talented guy!!

dkelvin said...

Thx to you to have helped me to reconsider my egocentric approach of this blog through this LP. Actually, I'm not as fond than you are of Baby Day although I like it much better now that I used when I bought the LP. In this compilation of reworked songs, I consider People In The Front Row a true masterpiece, much better still than the original one. But it's true that nothing was done to help this replay to become popular (from the cover sleeve to the title and the absence of any distribution).

Anonymous said...

Link seems not to work, could you re-check?

dkelvin said...

That's fixed