St... - Here It Comes / Tomorrow 7" (1972)

If one single would epitomize the mutation of Strawbs from a folk to a rock band, this would certainly be this one, although it failed to make any impression in the charts. But it's clear that Dave Cousins was inclining towards more rock and even more towards glam (funny to see on the picture below that only Dave Cousins and Blue Weaver could have fitted physically with this movement, the other members being not quite charismatic enough to be credible in glitter stars). Not surprising when you think that David Bowie and Marc Bolan were first folk icons, that Dave Cousins crossed the path of both, and that Tony Visconti, Mr T.Rex sound, was Strawbs arranger for a while. Listen to the acoustic intro and tell me if it's not under the influence of the sound Ken Scott did for Bowie onHunky Dory. The bad thing is that the song is not a winner, neither on the musical nor on the lyrical plans (these are maybe the worst lyrics ever written by Dave Cousins). But it's not a total disaster. The song never appeared on any official LP but only on various compilations and as bonus tracks on the reissued version of Grave New World. Here it is in its original element. The single was released to coincide with the summer tour promoting the Grave New World LP. The LP from which the B-side was driven, "Tomorrow", a (superb and raw) song about Rick Wakeman and the bitterness of Dave Cousins about this departure for Yes. Enjoy it here.

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