Thou - The Archer And The Owle EP (2011)

This is the 3rd of the summer production of Thou, an EP strangely featuring 2 tracks from Summit and 4 (to my knowledge) previously unreleased tracks, in particular a cover of Nirvana's "Something In The Way" (although I'm not sure this song fits very well in Thou's universe but no matter). To have seen them recently, I know this band is a killer on stage, and it's fantastic to have such a great band in action. Since I have listened a lot to Summit and I'm not totally convinced by the Nirvana's cover, my preference goes to the 3 new tracks that worth the acquisition of this EP (in vinyl) and add some more gems to an extraordinary series. They are more in the doom mood than in the pure sludge one and "Bonnet Carre" is a true masterpiece. There is something particular to this band that makes him greater than anything else. They are not miming any code and bring some fresh air in a scene sometimes stuck on narrow formats. It's punk, it's doom, it's noise, it's sludge, it's Thou (& me). Enjoy it here.

Bonnet Carré. Heads shake at self inflicted misfortune. Hands wrung of responsibility. Ears covered from the ringing trumpets of fact. Father created from the black froth swept off the rim of the cauldron of creation. We are maggots, and we are worms writhing in the marshes of refuse. Flee! Flee! Sink to hands and knees. Crawl through the muck, shrunken genitalia beating against bellies and thighs. Wretched, disgusting beasts. That tree which no man knows has been hewn to it's roots and set ablaze. Our faces are bleached in its ashes.

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