Vestiges - The Descent Of Man (2011)

This band from USA mixes so many genres that it would be too long and tedious to name them all. Let's say that you can hear black metal, doom, sludge and post-rock but much more. This seems to be the mark of the new generation of bands that appeared in the later years (recently the excellent Deafheaven) and that I post on this blog. This way of not being stucked in one style is a welcome evolution and provides albums much more pleasant to listen to than many of the great ancients that honestly were a little unidimensional. Here the band seems to have ecological ambitions in their lyrics, and also music. I'm not sure it's what I like the most, there is always the risk to sound pompous and emphatic. But I don't think it's the case here. What's clear, it's that one of the best thing to have been released these recents weeks (and I listen to a lot of things, most being quite boring to my ears). You can find their site here and then dl freely their album there. Support the best you can, they deserve it. And dl the album here if you don't want to do it on bandcamp.

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