Vic Godard & Subway Sect - Peel Sessions 77-78

A re-up, not re-quested, but I saw this post was visited last week so I suppose visitors were disappointed that the links were dead (rs and mf). So here it is again on M. Vic Godard, a man to remember, one of these numerous geniuses drowned in the shit machine of the rock business.

Subway Sect is surely one of the bands who was the most victim of the stupidity and the incompetence of one man: Bernie Rhodes, more interested in promoting the rock'n'roll-as-usual stuff of the Clash (never been a punk band although what everybody says, shit, I lived that period) than the genius of Vic Godard. Everybody knows now the incredible story of this first Subway Sect LP never released by the above named individual, and that Godard had to re-recorded some years ago in order to allow his fans to hear the songs that were on it. Some (but not all) of these songs can be found on various compilations. But here, I gathered the 2 Peel Sessions recorded by the band during this sad times. When I say "the band", it seems there were 2 bands: the almost original line-up for the 1977 session, but a completely new one for the 1978 session. Unfortunately, I didn't find the names of thi session's musicians so I didn't write anything on the rear cover sleeve I created. When you know that What's The Matter Boy? released some times later was recorded with a 3rd line up, you see that it was quite hard to follow. What's easy to follow, is Godard's music since these songs are as fresh and palatable than at the time of their creation. No many in that case. Versions of the What's The Matter Boy? LP are much better here to my eyes. The sound is very good and the versions stunning. I respected the order of the tracklist played, actually I respected what's written on the BBC site. Below some clips from the band in this period. Interesting even if the sound is shitty. One is a nice video montage with pictures of Anna Karina in Vivre sa vie from Jean Luc... Godard, on the Peel session version of "Chain Smoking".


Anonymous said...

great post great taste! thank you sooo much from japan

Anonymous said...

this is wonderful. thanks for making this available for the world to hear/here Vic!

jonder said...

And the man himself is still performing today! These sessions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing them!