Walk Through Fire - Furthest From Heaven (2011)

From Sweden, this band proposes one of the most deep and intense doom of our times. It's slow, very slow, but it goes so profoundly in your guts that it's difficult not to be moved by the sludgy grandeur of this music. It's apparently their second effort and it's a triumph (strange word for such a music but this is the one that comes to my mind). There is nothing of the sometimes forced atmosphere of UK or US most extreme doom. Here it's like the evidence of mourning was dripping from this music's blood. A must. Try it here and then buy the digital version at their bandcamp there to support them (and to have the booklet I've had voluntary not included in the file). Or buy the CD, it's the only way to listen in decent conditions to this music.


ufasas said...

just total amazing, and i am listening to brutal technical metal very heavy, but this is just amazing too

SteveAsat said...

The slow tempo is a big plus. This track wouldn't be altogether out of place on the Fantastic Planet soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support! /Ufuk and Walk Through Fire