Preacher - Reborn Refined (2010)

Usually, I don't really like to post one-track free downloading EPs since it's not a major added value to post here something that can be found freely on the artist site (and one track in not enough). But in this case, I find this track so great that I can't help to post it. Even if it's one year old. The band is called Preacher, they are from Washington, this is their second release and they play a gorgeous post-metal sludge with superb stoner riffs. But more than that, they integrate a psychedelic flavour with indian reminiscences that make you levitate without any added substance. And they know how make of their melodic lines something more elegant than most of their challengers in this style. The final of this track is really something you can't miss if you like music. Enjoy here or go to dl it free on their bandcamp there (or below). Great cover sleeve too but didn' find it without the deformation.


Necromandus - Orexis Of Death (1973)

Among the great forgotten bands and albums, there is Necromandus. Their story is really terrible (you can read it in full details here) and honestly Tony Iommi can be considered as guilty not to have conducted his mission (he decided to manage them) until the end due to commitment with Black Sabbath. The presence of Iommi is the cause of all the bullshit you can read on this band in various blogs or sites, most often those who deal with doom and whose contributors can't ear farther than their small doomster narrowminded opinions. Actually, Necromandus has quite nothing to do with Sabbath (except here and there the vocals maybe, and of course "Nightjar", that seems to try to be a new "Paranoid"). Their style is somewhere between Groundhogs (on "A Black Solitude", "Still Born Beauty", the guitar work is very influenced by Tony McPhee's one), Flash ("Homicidal Psychopath", the vocals share a lot of similitudes with Colin Carter) and Yes (the guitar, quite influenced by Steve Howe), Budgie or even Thin Lizzy. So, nothing to do with doom. Of course, their name, songs' titles and cover sleeves (but is it the one that was to be released by Vertigo, I doubt it?) may assimilate the band with this movement. Analysed with these new criteria, it's clear that this album is very very good, quite a classic actually. And it's impossible, if you like the bands above (specially the Groundhogs and Flash) that Necromandus doesn't enter in your Pantheon (a monument where we put the dusts of our great men in France). This album, never released at the times of its recording, leading the band to stop, has been released in various formats between 1999 and 2010. Strangely, the original playlist has never been (to my knowledge) respected in one of these rversions, some songs missing in each one. So, based upon the wikipedia supposed original content of the album I merged 2 versions to propose what could have been Orexis of Death, the album that should have been released in the spring of 1973. This is why some songs have a little lower quality ("I've Been Evil"). Not sure it would have been a great success but I think the band would have done at least some more. Enjoy here.

Below, the guitarist of Stone Axe playing a solo version (all intruments) of "Still Born Beauty". A tour de force for sure.

And here the complete drawing of the front cover sleeve.


Corrupted - Garten der Unbewusstheit (2011)

Two things appear unlikely. First that a real doomster doesn't get and love this album. Second that this album won't be in my top 5 of the year. Corrupted were among the first, 15 years ago, to do this slow and atmospheric post-doom, post-rock, post-sludge music and here they succeed, 6 years after their previous offering, to spread over the world (and more importantly, in our ears and brain) the funeral soundtrack of our doomed times. From a country that has experiencedonce again this year what it was to feel the end of the world knocking on your door (I mean Japan, cos' their are from Japan) it's rather logical that such a apocalyptic music raises from the void there. It's rather impossible to describe how this music can be full of despair, mourning and dereliction, but can be a comfort for our own sadness and melancholy with the incredible splendour of it's melodic power and it's celestial climax. An apparent contradiction that only those who never use sad music to dry their inner tears can't understand. But you, dear visitor, you know. The band seems to have more or less disbanded after this new album but this swantracks is one of the most wonderful you'll ever hear in your life. A music that'll make you forget who you are, where you are, and that time is the mandatory metronome of your life. I'm not really original in writing that, cos' you'll see almost every blogster cherishing this genre saying it's a classic (see here for a great chronicle). If you didn't know them, you can dig back their discography, there's plenty to love. Meanwhile you can ease your pain with this garden of unconsciousness here.


St... - Part of the Union / Will You Go 7" (1973)

Here is an example of a break in the charts leading to a break of a band. This single, the less forgotten song of the band since it's their greatest success, should have not been released under the band's name but under the name of The Brothers. Written and sung by Hudson & Ford, it was not really the choice of Dave Cousins to see it released under the band's name and less of it all, to be the A-side of the single announcing their new album (Bursting At The Seams). But the company thought (and they were right) that it could be a hit. So they released it in January 1973. And it was (n°2 behind Slade). Actually, the song is quite embarrassing cos' it smells bad irony and despise for union workers. When you think about the future criminal politics that the iron lady would do against the working class some years later, it seems it was rather a bad joke. This is all the more concerning that the song is actually a concealed cover of a Woody Guthrie song called "Union Maid" (see and listen below to a strange live offering of this song with an Austrian audience totally indifferent, it's amazing). On the B-side, there was a non-LP song, "Will You Go", also a cover since it was composed by the McPeake family. The song, sung by Dave Cousins, is a nice one, and should have replaced "Part of the Union" on the LP. Anyway, the success of this single will throw Dave Cousins in a strange situation, seeing Strawbs being superstars for a song he didn't write, he didn't sing, and he didn't consider to be a Strawbs one. If he seemed to find the story quite funny first (see their appearance at TOTP below), soon he will be tired of this circus. Meanwhile, enjoy this couple (mainly the B-side) here. Below, you can see a limited edition US 10" cover that hire the song to a more respectful object towards the working class.


Grandfather Clock - Tarot (2010)

Sorry for those coming here for old 70's stuff, but for the 3rd consecutive posts, it's a new music post, and believe me, tonight it's really something. Imagine a mix between Harvey Milk and Shorty (or US Maple) played with the madness of Captain Beefheart (you see there's something of 70's old stuff) and you'll have a small idea of what music proposes this Chicago-based band called Grandfather Clock (quite a shitty name if you want my opinion). It's one of the most exciting thing I listened for quite a time, notably "Cornstalks in Rows" which is nothing less than a classic. This seems their first release, an EP, and you can listen it either on their bandcamp below, in dl it here for taste or on their bandcamp here and support them in buying a cassette (I still got the device to read it, don't know if you have?). A great new band for sure (and I listen to much of the new stuff with OMG so much rubbish or recycled old formula). PS It seems that they are 3 brothers. Rather uncommon.


Imber Luminis - A Cold Distance (2011)

The first demo Deha released under the name of Imber Luminis (Fletus, see here) has been one of the soundtrack of my life at various periods in the last 6 months. Don't ask me why I love so much this music. It's rather simple and repetitive, but its hypnotic power and its ability to make the world disappears around you has no equivalent for me. Here is a compilation of tracks he recorded over a span of time of 3 years, "Same Old Sufferings" in 2008, "Dancing with Stars" and "Silence" this year, the whole under the name of A Cold Distance and released this summer. If it's not as fascinating than Fletus, in particular the rather over-indulgent acoustic first track, "Silence" is quite similar and should be a nice viatic for similar trips the further months. But more to come since this great guy from Belgium (see his blog here for all his other projects) released a full LP (Life As Burden) under this band's name that I'll post soon too. Enjoy this first melancholic serving here.


Culted - Of Death And Ritual (2010)

If you feel like to dig deep in the dark guts of the earth, this is what you need in your ip... no earpod. This EP is truly a perfect soundtrack for such a macabre travel. And tonight, it's a welcome sonor friend to make this trip with me. Consisting of Canadian musicians and a Swedish vocalist, this band has (it is what everyone says in various blogs but I can't bet whether it's true or not) never been gathered once on stage or even in a studio. They all do their work through internet but it's impossible to guess when listening to this wave of filthy disgust and despair that washes our ears. There is something old school in their approach of the doom, no wall of noise as it is usually the case in the recent years. Riffs sound as if they were played by the guitar and it's not so usual. But something makes it in no way a passeist band. And the voices are always ghostly and impressive. The 3 tracks are quite homogenous (and superb), but it is to note that the last, "Whore", is a Swans cover (originally titled “Butcher” from their album Cop). Ensad this gem here, much better than what most doom blogs say.


Slade - How Does It Feel / So Far So Good (1975)

Maybe some of you (yes, I know you exist, I saw the rs, mf and shiny stats, and they tell me you exist, I don't dl my own shit) will wonder if I'm gone insane posting Slade on this music blog often dedicated to morbid and macabre music (not always but most of the time yes). But actually, if Slade was not among my fave during the glam movement (I was a kid but I had my taste and they inclined me towards Mott, SAHB, Cockney Rebel and Sparks than Slade or Gary Glitter), it was not a bad band. They were just lacking ambition, judging by the relative richness of their 2 first albums and the indulgence they showed later on. An exception, and a big one, with this song, from their Slade In Flame album, released in February 1975 on the A-side of a single, and completely different from their usual quite shouty Rock 'n' Glitter style. Very influenced by the Beatles (but the band has always been), you can hear the future Undertones here, and even Polyphonic Spree (I'm not joking, have a listen) and Noddy Holder sings it divinely. It's stunning and a shame that the album was not filled with such an approach of music (even if it's one of the most sophisticated of their glam period). The B-side is business as usual (and not rare since on the LP) but also totally under the Beatles' influence so rather good. Don't stay stuck on your a-priori and catch this gem here.

How does it feel runnin' around round round how does it feel watchin' from upside down 'cos many years from now there will be new sensations and new temptations How does it feel How does it feel right at the start and how does it feel when you are thrown apart 'cos many years from now there will be new relations and new frustrations How does it feel? Oh! Oh! Do you know know know what it's like to be searchin' in your own time all your attempting experimenting all on the climb do you know know know what it's like to be searchin' and suddenly find all your illusion, all your confusion all left behind How does it feel turnin' away and how does it feel facing another day 'cos many years from now there will be newer poisons and new horizons 'cos many years from now there will be new tomorrows and still some sorrows


Lifelover - Pulver (2006)

This album is incredible. I discovered it not long ago and was petrified by what I was hearing, not a usual thing after more than 40 years listening to music (I began quite young yes, I was a little kid, don't be upsetting). This band, at least in this formation (cos' they changed of line-up since this 1st LP), was for me like the resurrection of Amon Düül II (from Yeti to Wolf City period), sometimes mixed with Can but also Cure (the Pornography's one) and even Paradise Lost (the Gothic's one) but surely some more I know less accurately (maybe Death in June). If you want to know what is freedom in music, listen to this album (and to some others too, like Runhild Gammelsaeter for example). Since lyrics are sung and written in Sweden (the band is from Sweden), I can't understand what they sing about (but one track have been translated by a nice guy posting on youtube, you can see it below) but this is not a problem for understanding that this LP is great. You won't rarely listen to something more intriguing in your life. Lifelover has changed its style since this first LP and I can't say for the better, but they honoured themselves in giving us a cult LP and there are not so many to have succeeded in that. Actually, I discovered this album searching for pix to post on my other blog, Scoptophilia (here). I'm not sure this naked young woman covered of blood is really tasty and if it's not a little bit sexist, but I like it cos' it's, like the album, totally elsewhere visually. Amateur, pleasant and a little bit unsane. As is unsane the gun's shots on the second track "Ms Salmonella" and the shouting and crying aloud, when you remember the recent slaughter in Norway. Click quick to dl this gem here. And I encourage to do it to all visitors, even those coming only for old 70's stuff.

Empty gazes, emptied senses The subway is driving through the black city's Gloomy passages Everything has such a melancholia lustre tonight Everything and nothing is in disharmony; Is it beautiful or disgusting?


Brown Jenkins - Angel Eyes (2008)

Before the Ash Eaters (see here) there was Brown Jenkins, actually, quite a one-man band too (from Austin, Texas), with Umesh Amtey at the commands (I'm unfair, there's also B. Demiurge on bass), not far from the Xasthur case. Both "bands" are usually considered and classified as the Black Metal style but actually "true" BM afinionados often dislike them, in particular Brown Jenkins, still less in line with the genre 's codes than Xasthur. For me, Umesh Amtey plays a sort of Big Black Metal, meaning that he mixes the Big Black approach of guitar (sound and riffs) with some BM features (voice, atmosphere, some drumming). The reason why I think noise amateurs of Albini or Steve Austin (Today is the Day) or even Godflesh, would be much more inclined to appreciate this music that BMmaniac who think it's rather boring, repetitive and linear (exactly what I like, except that I don't find it boring, and I like to drown myself in this layers of distorted and fuzzling guitars). This is "their" 1st LP (there will be only two before cessation of activity). And this is the best of the 2. There were some EPs too that I'll post one day maybe. Meanwhile, it's a welcome addi(c)tion to Xasthur's post for those who'd like to taste a little black metal but are not sure where to begin. Endepressed it here.


Jethro Tull - Lick Your Fingers Clean / Wond'ring Again Fake 7" (1971)

This is the perfect example of what I meant by forgotten songs. I mean songs that are confined in compilations or bonus tracks although they are of great value (or simply interesting to remember). Initially, the destiny of these ones should have been more glorious. Listen to (actually read) that. "Lick Your Fingers" clean was intended to be the A-side of the single that should have accompanied Aqualung in March 1971. But finally it was withdrawn, due (according to various sources) to the fact that it would have lead to confusion with the LP (?). The fact is it will only be reworked in another version under the title "Two Fingers" 3 years later on the War Child LP but I think this first version is better (but it's the Tull's formation I like the most, it's maybe the reason). This song is maybe not one of the band's best but the text is one of Ian Anderson's most political and would have been an interesting single A-side. More sad is the destiny of the B-side since "Wond'ring Again" was (and still remains) a great song. It should have been one of the songs in the Aqualung's playlist (both were recorded during the sessions for this LP) but was truncated and only the last part was included under the name of "Wond'ring Aloud". Strange decision. Once again this song's lyrics are very political, and on the B-side of "Lick Your Fingers Clean" it would have been a hell of political single. Sad it wasn't. The single story of Aqualung will be much more complicated. Stay online. Meanwhile enjoy this couple of songs here for a once united on a single, cos' they are spread on various compilations.

I'll see you at the weighing in when your life's sum-total's made. And you set your wealth in godly deeds against the sins you've laid. So place your final burden on your hard-pressed next of kin: Send the chamber pot back down the line to be filled up again. Take your mind off your election and try to get it straight. And don't pretend perfection: you'll be crucified too late. And he'll say you really should make the deal as he offers round the hat. Well, you'd better lick your fingers clean, I thank you all for that. And as you join the good ship earth and you mingle with the dust be sure to leave your underpants with someone you can trust. And the hard-headed social worker who bathes his hands in blood will welcome you with arms held high and cover you with mud. And he'll say you really should make the deal as he offers round the hat. Well, you'd better lick your fingers clean, well. I'll thank you all for that.

There's the stillness of death on a deathly unliving sea, and the motor car magical world long since ceased to be, when the Eve-bitten apple returned to destroy the tree. Incestuous ancestry's charabanc ride, spawning new millions throws the world on its side. Supporting their far-flung illusion, the national curse, and those with no sandwiches please get off the bus. The excrement bubbles, the century's slime decays and the brainwashing government lackeys
would have us say it's under control and we'll soon be on our way to a grand year for babies and quiz panel games of the hot hungry millions you'll be sure to remain. The natural resources are dwindling and no one grows old, and those with no homes to go to, please dig yourself holes. We wandered through quiet lands, felt the first breath of snow. Searched for the last pigeon, slate grey I've been told. Stumbled on a daffodil which she crushed in the rush, heard it sigh, and left it to die. At once felt remorse and were touched by the loss of our own, held its poor broken head in her hands, dropped soft tears in the snow, and it's only the taking that makes you what you are. Wond'ring aloud will a son one day be born to share in our infancy in the child's path we've worn. In the aging seclusion of this earth that our birth did surprise we'll open his eyes.


Jethro Tull - Inside / Alive And Well And Living In (1970)

In 1970, Ian Anderson explained in the press that he didn't want the Tull being a singles band although he really succeeded to propulse them in the charts quite continuously over the previous years. So, the single driven from their new LP Benefit, released in April 1970, consisted only in 2 of the album songs and not of non-LP ones as before. Maybe I should not post them since they can be found on the original albums and therefore are not forgotten, but actually this single is forgotten. First because it's clear than none of the tracks had chart potential and second because it failed to make any impact although the LP was a chart success. So the Tull was becoming for the rest of its career a LP band. These 2 songs are not bad (the B-side is even rather a great song, musically) but they pale by comparison of the previous singles. Enjoy it here. I put the 3 cover sleeves. None is good but it's an historical curiosity.


Wizard's Beard - Pure Filth (2011)

The name is a pretty bad one. The cover sleeve a rather ugly one. But the music deserves the buying and to cherish this UK band. They claim to cover all genres from Mississipi John Hurt (??? I wonder whether they listened to him recently) to Iron Monkey (here that's more obvious) but they first remind me of the beginning of doom-death with bands like Cerebral Fix or Obituary. But they are much more destructured and less metal inclined, and it's clear this long EP or short LP could not have been released in the nineties. They do not try to sound massive and make a wall of their music but to make the effort felt, like a man trying to get out of mud. In that way, they are sludge (a little bit of Acid Bath in it). But enough with my poor comparisons. The best is that you dl it here and then quick go to they bandcamp here to support them in buying this gem. It's aggressive and bellicose as I want to hear these days while everyone seems only interested to find a place to burn his/her skin like a fried chicken, forgetting the horrors of the world. Let's keep them present in our soul with this band. Their site is here.


Jethro Tull - Love Story / Christmas Song (1968)

Let's go back more and more in the past. We are 5 months before the "Living In The Past" single, it's December 1968, and the band is in a difficult period since he has lost his guitar player, Mick Abrahams being gone to drive his own band (Blodwyn Pig), and after trying David O'List (from the Nice) they try Tony Iommi from a band called Earth, future greatest band in the world (Black Sabbath of course). This is attested by the picture below taken during an appearance of the band at the The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus this same month (but the band only simulated playing except for Ian Anderson). Tough since the band had a single to defend for this end of year, and a great one (the first of a brilliant series, most posted the previous days on this blog). "Love Story" is on the A-side and "Christmas Song" on the B-side, but both are so good that it's more a double A-side (not the last time with the Tull). It will become their first song to enter the charts (n°29 in UK) but the LP This Was, released the previous summer had done will too (n°10). It's easy to understand why Abrahams left (and why Iommi wouldn't stay) when listening these 2 songs, much more trad. folk inspired than blues-derived, but a folk totally reworked to become contempory rock (at least for "Love Song") and it's actually, 2 years before, an annoucement of what Led Zeppelin would later do (on their IIIrd opus) with their hard rock (on the B-side). Martin Barre will take the axe forever some days later. The cover sleeve was audacious in these times of mandatory youthness, with the band looking older than they are today, 43 years later. None of the 2 tracks would feature on their next album so they would only stay available in compilations and as bonus tracks in reissues. There will be a stereo-ization of these mono recordings on the 40th anniversary reissue. I'm not sure I like them most in these reworked versions so I put each song in its original mono and reworked stereo versions on the rar file. It's up to you. Enjoy this long gone gem here. I put both songs in streaming below cos' it's impossible for me to choose which one to propose for newcomers ignoring this band.

Love Story. Going back in the morning time to see if my love has changed her mind, yeah. I know what I will find that she is wasting time, she could be picking roses. Going back in the morning time to see if my love has seen the light, yeah. Oh, I told her last night she should improve her sight, she could be painting the roof.Going back in the morning time to see if my love has come around, yeah. She offered me no sound,her head is in the ground,She could be calling for winter.

Christmas Song. Once in Royal David's City stood a lonely cattle shed,where a mother held her baby.You'd do well to remember the things He later said. When you're stuffing yourselves at the Christmas parties,you'll just laugh when I tell you to take a running jump. You're missing the point I'm sure does not need making that Christmas spirit is not what you drink. So how can you laugh when your own mother's hungry, and how can you smile when the reasons for smiling are wrong? And if I just messed up your thoughtless pleasures, remember, if you wish, this is just a Christmas song. (Hey! Santa! Pass us that bottle, will you?)



Tree of Sores - s/t (2011)

I had this long EP or short LP for several months in mind for a future posting, but it was never the time. Tonight it is. It's true that this band isn't easy to categorize and escapes the usual classifications since under their sludge there is a often a Stooges approach of riff (listen to "Sandford") with something of the glorious nineties noise period (the voice of Talia that reminds the one from the great Drive Like Jehu, and the guitar sound too) but those who would be afraid of these references must know that the heavyness and the monstruosity of the thing are totally in the sludge metal circle. Moreover, the whole has a real psychedelic flavour (I write with a "u" since they are from Leeds, UK and not USA, I do as I've been said at school) that is another uncategorizing aspect of this sonor mixture. What I'm sure is that this is one of the best think to have emerged this year. One of the rare records that'll reconcile fans of Sonic Youth (old one), the Swans, Skullflower, Neurosis, even Cure, and the dirtiest sludge. You can dl it here and then support them in donate something to dl it on their bandcamp (there) or buy the CD (only 150 pressed, don't know if there are still some available). They'll be famous someday I'm certain.


Jethro Tull - Living In The Past / Driving Song (1969)

Recorded during the Stand Up sessions, this song was kept for a single release and was a hit in UK (n°3 in May 1969, the highest chart position for a single that the band will have in this country). Contrary to many Tull fans (but I don't consider myself a Tull fan as I am for Strawbs or Melanie), I am not fond of this song. The melody is rather easy to sing in the bathroom but maybe too poppy for me. And lyrics are a bit a concern with their apparent critics about people manifesting against war (although I'm not totally sure that my interpretation is good but honestly I think this is what Anderson says). He'll write much more interesting lyrics in his life. The forgotten song here is the B-side, a song that could have been on the first Tull's LP with its rooty blues feeling. One of the last time the band will go on these lands. Interestingly, there are some TV testimonies of this song. Two from the French TV, shot at some months intervals it seems. Enjoy this 7" here.

Living in the past. Happy and I'm smiling,walk a mile to drink your water. You know I'd love to love you, and above you there's no other. We'll go walking out while others shout of war's disaster. Oh, we won't give in, let's go living in the past.Once I used to join in every boy and girl was my friend. Now there's revolution, but they don't know what they're fighting. Let us close out eyes; outside their lives go on much faster. Oh, we won't give in, we'll keep living in the past.