Brown Jenkins - Angel Eyes (2008)

Before the Ash Eaters (see here) there was Brown Jenkins, actually, quite a one-man band too (from Austin, Texas), with Umesh Amtey at the commands (I'm unfair, there's also B. Demiurge on bass), not far from the Xasthur case. Both "bands" are usually considered and classified as the Black Metal style but actually "true" BM afinionados often dislike them, in particular Brown Jenkins, still less in line with the genre 's codes than Xasthur. For me, Umesh Amtey plays a sort of Big Black Metal, meaning that he mixes the Big Black approach of guitar (sound and riffs) with some BM features (voice, atmosphere, some drumming). The reason why I think noise amateurs of Albini or Steve Austin (Today is the Day) or even Godflesh, would be much more inclined to appreciate this music that BMmaniac who think it's rather boring, repetitive and linear (exactly what I like, except that I don't find it boring, and I like to drown myself in this layers of distorted and fuzzling guitars). This is "their" 1st LP (there will be only two before cessation of activity). And this is the best of the 2. There were some EPs too that I'll post one day maybe. Meanwhile, it's a welcome addi(c)tion to Xasthur's post for those who'd like to taste a little black metal but are not sure where to begin. Endepressed it here.

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