Corrupted - Garten der Unbewusstheit (2011)

Two things appear unlikely. First that a real doomster doesn't get and love this album. Second that this album won't be in my top 5 of the year. Corrupted were among the first, 15 years ago, to do this slow and atmospheric post-doom, post-rock, post-sludge music and here they succeed, 6 years after their previous offering, to spread over the world (and more importantly, in our ears and brain) the funeral soundtrack of our doomed times. From a country that has experiencedonce again this year what it was to feel the end of the world knocking on your door (I mean Japan, cos' their are from Japan) it's rather logical that such a apocalyptic music raises from the void there. It's rather impossible to describe how this music can be full of despair, mourning and dereliction, but can be a comfort for our own sadness and melancholy with the incredible splendour of it's melodic power and it's celestial climax. An apparent contradiction that only those who never use sad music to dry their inner tears can't understand. But you, dear visitor, you know. The band seems to have more or less disbanded after this new album but this swantracks is one of the most wonderful you'll ever hear in your life. A music that'll make you forget who you are, where you are, and that time is the mandatory metronome of your life. I'm not really original in writing that, cos' you'll see almost every blogster cherishing this genre saying it's a classic (see here for a great chronicle). If you didn't know them, you can dig back their discography, there's plenty to love. Meanwhile you can ease your pain with this garden of unconsciousness here.

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Thank you so much! Keep it up!