Culted - Of Death And Ritual (2010)

If you feel like to dig deep in the dark guts of the earth, this is what you need in your ip... no earpod. This EP is truly a perfect soundtrack for such a macabre travel. And tonight, it's a welcome sonor friend to make this trip with me. Consisting of Canadian musicians and a Swedish vocalist, this band has (it is what everyone says in various blogs but I can't bet whether it's true or not) never been gathered once on stage or even in a studio. They all do their work through internet but it's impossible to guess when listening to this wave of filthy disgust and despair that washes our ears. There is something old school in their approach of the doom, no wall of noise as it is usually the case in the recent years. Riffs sound as if they were played by the guitar and it's not so usual. But something makes it in no way a passeist band. And the voices are always ghostly and impressive. The 3 tracks are quite homogenous (and superb), but it is to note that the last, "Whore", is a Swans cover (originally titled “Butcher” from their album Cop). Ensad this gem here, much better than what most doom blogs say.

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