Golden Earring - Live at the Record Plant (1975)

For those who recently discovered Golden Earring, another unofficial interesting stuff, recorded during their golden era (1972-77). It was captured one day after the Winterland concert, and I re-up it one day after, 40 years later. Got the sense of timing isn't it? Catch it here. Great band. Sad that they don't do anything really of any interest since their excellent Millbrook USA LP in 2003.

One day after the Winterland concert (get it here), Golden Earring recorded this session at the Record Plant for the King Biscuit Flower Hour. It was really the occasion for the band to present their Switch LP (6 from the 7 songs here), one of their best, to the USA. The sound is not totally what we could hope for such a record studio recording but it's the better source I found on the net. Some are really awful. This one is quite good. Not enough bass unfortunately. If I was better on mixing, I would have modified it myself, but it would be too much time consuming given my small knowledge of this work. The band plays quite well but is not concentrated as he was the prior night. But there is much to love and these versions are mandatory additions to any GE amateur's collection. I used the cover sleeve you can find almost everywhere, except for the rear, where I added the musicians and changed the lettering of the song's titles.

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